Embracing Change

Embracing ChangeEmbracing Change means a person is taking the commitment to Jesus to another level. Changing attitudes and behavior to honor God are becoming more important. Zacchaeus is a great example of a person in the Bible whose life was radically changed when he committed his life to Jesus (Luke 19). He was a wealthy, crooked Jewish tax collector employed by the Roman government and hated by his fellow Jews. He cheated his neighbors out of more taxes than they owed to line his own pockets. One day he climbed a tree to get a better view of Jesus who had come to his town. Jesus took the initiative to personally meet Zacchaeus and went to his home. What Zacchaeus heard and what Jesus did changed his life. How do we know? A greedy, dishonest man gave half of his wealth away to those in need and restored four times as much as he’d wrongfully taken from others. Jesus recognized his spiritual life change by saying, Today salvation has come to this house. The sudden change did not bring Zacchaeus salvation, but was definitely a result of spiritual life change!

Embracing change means that we welcome the opportunity to adjust our behavior and attitudes to reflect the teachings and character qualities of Jesus in our lives. “What would Jesus do?” becomes a question that we ask ourselves and respond accordingly. We know Zacchaeus embraced life change in such a way that he was willing to immediately correct past wrongs he’d inflicted on others. We can be sure that his journey of life change continued as he learned to be more like Jesus. The same is true for you!

Even though you may see lots of room to grow, more than likely your friends can see the changes Jesus has made in your life! Celebrate those changes and thank God for all He has done. But like Zacchaeus, there’s more to learn and room to grow.

Next Steps & Resources: As you experience life change in Christ, you’ll be growing in each of the six areas below. Provided below are some next steps and resource recommendations. Resources in underlined blue font (i.e. – Attend Gospel Conversation Training) are direct links. Rather than tackling too much at one time, consider focusing on the Life Change Indicators that show greater potential for growth, and begin there.

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Commits to God and His family


Helps Others Know God


Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines


Nurturing Authentic Relationships


Gives Back to God


Exercises Spiritual Gifts in Service