Exploring Change

Exploring ChangeExploring Change is how every person who becomes a Christ follower starts out. Every journey begins somewhere. In the New Testament, a man named Nicodemus is a great example (John 3, 7 and 19). He was a highly respected teacher of the Jewish faith, well educated, and an important leader in his community. When he heard and saw the amazing things Jesus was doing and teaching, he was drawn to Jesus and began asking questions. Exactly when Nicodemus became a believer and follower of Jesus is not clear. What we know for sure is that somewhere between that first conversation and Jesus’ crucifixion, Nicodemus’ faith grew to the point where he was unafraid to openly identify with Christ.

Exploring change may mean that you have not yet committed your life to Christ, but are seriously considering taking that step of faith. Or, it could mean that you have committed your life to Christ and realize you have a lot of areas where spiritual growth is yet to come. Either way, it’s exciting that more spiritual life change is still ahead for you!

Next Steps & Resources: As you experience life change in Christ, you’ll be growing in each of the six areas below. Provided below are some next steps and resource recommendations. Resources in underlined blue font (i.e. – Attend Gospel Conversation Training) are direct links. Rather than tackling too much at one time, consider focusing on the Life Change Indicators that show greater potential for growth, and begin there.

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Commits to God and His Family


Helps Others Know God


Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines


Nurturing Authentic Relationships


Gives Back to God

Exercises Spiritual Gifts in Service