Leading Change

Leading ChangeLeading Change means you’ve turned an important corner in your life change journey. While you are absolutely certain that there is more growth to come, you’re also in a position to invest in the lives of others in their spiritual journey. As you have followed Jesus, you’ve gained His wisdom and relied upon His strength. You have learned from the times you’ve fallen short. The character of Christ is being fully formed in you. Others are likely to look to you for spiritual wisdom and guidance. The church needs the leadership you have to offer.

You may feel scared and unable, but that’s ok. God is with you and will give you all that you need to take the next step in leading change. We see God do this with a young man in the Bible named Timothy (Acts 16, 1 & 2 Timothy). Timothy was just a teenager when he was saved. Timothy may have heard of Paul and even came to faith in Christ because of his teaching.  When Paul the Apostle visited Timothy’s hometown, he heard about young Timothy and decided to take him on his missionary journey. Though Timothy probably felt nervous and unqualified, he joined Paul’s mission team. After years of faithful ministry with Paul, Timothy showed himself to be a trustworthy person who was ready to lead. Timothy started off young, inexperienced and without formal training. However, God used him in a great way to love and lead many to life change in Christ. God still wants to use you, no matter your age or stage of life. Leadership is influence! Never stop learning how to influence others to follow the same path of spiritual life change that you are still on.

Next Steps & Resources: As you experience life change in Christ, you’ll be growing in each of the six areas below. Provided below are some next steps and resource recommendations. Resources in underlined blue font (i.e. – Attend Gospel Conversation Training) are direct links. Rather than tackling too much at one time, consider focusing on the Life Change Indicators that show greater potential for growth, and begin there.

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Commits to God and His Family


Helps Others Know God


Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines


Nurtures Authentic Relationships

  • Offer to host an Adult Bible Fellowship (Sugar Land) or Life Group (Sienna) gathering at your home for the purpose of deepening new and existing relationships with others in your group. Invite one or more unchurched friends or neighbors to enjoy the experience with you.
  • Volunteer to be on a ministry team in your Bible Fellowship Group (Sugar Land), Life Group (Sienna Campus) or ministry group (any campus).
  • Invite newcomers in your group to meet for lunch or dinner during the week.
  • Volunteer to be a Table Host at Lunch with the Pastors to welcome newcomers into our church and encourage them to become connected in a group. [Email czerbe@sugarcreek.net to volunteer.]
  • Volunteer to be a GroupLink Kiosk Host to help newcomers connect to Bible Fellowship. Email Mike Gullikson for information at mgullikson@sugarcreek.net.
  • N: Watch Pastor Mark’s message, Commits to God and His Family. Sermon notes are available for download.


Gives Back to God


Exercises Spiritual Gifts in Service