Living Change

LivingLiving Change means that your life reflects a spiritual maturity that is shown by obedience to Christ in many areas of life. As you read and understand the Bible, you are ready, more often than not, to act on what you’re learning. Life change is becoming a lifestyle for you because fully following Jesus is important to you. That is such good news! However, this stage of Life Change should be considered with some caution. It is possible that this level of positive life change could bring more focus on our actions than our hearts.

There are two sisters in the New Testament who were very close to Jesus, as was their brother, Lazarus – the one Jesus brought back to life in John 11. Their names are Mary and Martha. Both were committed to following Jesus. In Luke 10, Jesus and his disciples are welcomed into their home for rest and refreshment. While Mary took advantage of the opportunity to listen to Jesus as he taught, Martha was distracted by a good thing – making sure her guests were treated with hospitality. Martha was annoyed that Mary wasn’t on her feet helping get dinner ready and asked Jesus to send her to the kitchen. Jesus’ response to Martha brought her back to the most important thing – focusing on Him.

Real change comes from keeping Jesus at the very center of our hearts. Every act of service or obedience that follows is further evidence that the life of Christ is flowing through us. We never reach a point in our spiritual journey where we can say we’ve “arrived.” Keeping the heart and mind open for ongoing growth is a sure indicator that we are excited about what God still wants to do in our lives. Remember, we can’t go on with God and stay where we are.

Next Steps & Resources: As you experience life change in Christ, you’ll be growing in each of the six areas below. Provided below are some next steps and resource recommendations. Resources in underlined blue font (i.e. – Attend Gospel Conversation Training) are direct links. Rather than tackling too much at one time, consider focusing on the Life Change Indicators that show greater potential for growth, and begin there.

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Commits to God and His Family

  • Review the priority of Sugar Creek Baptist Church in your prayers, participation, serving and giving. Does your example provide a biblical model for others to emulate?
  • Watch Pastor Mark’s Sermon What Mature Faith Looks Like. [Sermon notes available to download and print.]
  • Read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. [Order online or check availability at our Waters Edge Resource Center.]
  • C: Watch Pastor Mark’s message, Commits to God and His Family. Sermon notes are available for download.


Helps Others Know God

Actively Practices Spiritual Disciplines


Nurtures Authentic Relationships

  • Volunteer to be a Table Host at Lunch with the Pastors to welcome newcomers into our church and encourage them to become connected in a group. [Email to volunteer.]
  • Watch Pastor Mark’s Sermon Series 9 Habits for Healthy Relationships. [Sermon notes available to download and print.]
  • Volunteer to be on a ministry team in your Bible Fellowship Group (Sugar Land) or Life Group (Sienna Campus).
  • Volunteer to be a GroupLink Kiosk Host to help newcomers connect to Bible Fellowship. Email Mike Gullikson for information at
  • N: Watch Pastor Mark’s message, Commits to God and His Family. Sermon notes are available for download.


Gives Back to God


Exercises Spiritual Gifts in Service